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An Interview Mr. Taveesaek Bhuttavong,
vice-president of the Blue Elephant.
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Advisors to the Research Project

  • Ahnond Bunyaratvej
    Secretary General
  • Mathuros Sumipan
    Deputy Secretary General
  • Sunanta Sompong
    Director of Research Project and Co ordination
    National Research Council of Thailand
  • Napavarn Noparatnaraporn
    Kasetsart University

Food Technology Experts

  • Warunee Varanyanond
    Kasetsart University
  • Anchanee Utaipatanacheep
    Kasetsart University
  • Somsri Charoenkiatkul
    Mahidol University

Technical Experts

  • Anuporn Suwanvajokkasikij
  • Pairoj Sungdesh


  • Narong Sompong
  • Cherdpong Kheerajit

The copyright of the articles belongs to each author. The copyright of the illustration is the National Research Council of Thailand. This website is a part of the research project on the Strategies to Promotion of the Thai Kitchen to the World

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