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Hong Fah Thai Resturant
11735 105 street Grande Prairie Alberta, CA

Bug & Bee
18 Silom Rd. BTS Saladeang Station, TH

An Interview Mr. Taveesaek Bhuttavong,
vice-president of the Blue Elephant.
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Thai Fruits & Vegetables

Sugar Apple

Preparation and eating
1. The fruit is soft fragrant when ripe.
2. Break the fruit open with your hands.
3. Eat the flesh with a spoon, discarding the seeds and skin.

Eaten fresh.

Good source of vitamins C and B2

5-7 days at 12-15 C, 90-95% RH
2-3 days at ambient temperature

Avaibility : year round (peak period : Apr. - Aug.)

Shape heart shape
Color green skin; white flesh
Taste sweet and fragrant
Shape heart shape
Color golden yellow skin; white flesh
Taste sweet and fragrant

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