Thai Healthy Food Cooking Class Program On November 3 8, 2008




Thai Healthy Food Cooking Class Program

at  Manchester, UK  / Budapest, Hungary / Vienna, Austria

organize by  Kasetsart University and Thai Trade Center, Vienna

support by  National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT)

On  November  3 8, 2008



,  Manchester / UK : Mon. 3 November 2008

                                    Vermilion Cooking School

                                    Lord North Street, M40 8 AD Manchester. UK


            ,  Budapest / Hungary : Thu. 6 November 2008

                                                Thai  Trade  Center,  Budapest

                                                Jozsefhegyi  ut.28-30 No.A/1 1025 Budapest


            ,  Vienna / Austria : Sat. 8 November 2008

                                                Thai  Trade  Center, Vienna

                                                Kopalgasse 47, A-1110  Vienna



Video Presents

1. The Health Benefits of Thai Food        

2. Healthy  Food  from the Thai Kitchen  


Questionnaire of the Research Project on
The Thai Food Technology Transfer and Promotion of Thai Food Consumption

Please review the Thai Healhty Food Media Set
before fill out this questionnaire.

 Downlond Questionnaire PFD file   

 Downlond Questionnaire Word file 

If u finished questionnaire, please send
Department of Educational Technology, Kasetsart University
50 Phaholyothin Rd. Ladyao, Jatuchak,
Bangkok 10900, THAILAND


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