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An Interview Mr. Taveesaek Bhuttavong,
vice-president of the Blue Elephant.
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Yam Wun Sen or mungbean noodles spicy salad
Main Ingredient
Mungbean noodles, soak in water 150 g.
Pork chops, steamed 150 g.
Shrimp, steamed and peel 100 g.
Ear mushroom 5
Tomato 35 g.
Lettuce 250 g.
Spring onion 100 g.
Coriander plant 1
Celery, cut in pieces 150 g.
Roasted peanut 60 g.
Sliced chilli 1
Onion 100 g.
Seasoning sauce Ingredient
Chilli 1
Sliced garlic 1 bulb
Pickled garlic 1 bulb
Chopped coriander root 5 g.
Sugar 80 g.
Vinegar 100 g.
Fish sauce 100 g.
* 30 grams = 1oz. , 1kilogram = 2.24 lbs.
Cooking Method
Seasoning sauce cooking
  • Pound garlic and coriander, chilli, mix sugar, fish sauce and vinegar
  • Boil water, soak wun sen, leave in cold water and drain
  • Cut pork and shrimp in pieces, soak in boiling water
  • Clean the ear mushroom, soak in boiling water, leave in cold water, and cut
  • Mix all the mixture, dress with seasoning, mix together, taste for sour, salty, spicy and sweet
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