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Phanaeng Kai
Main Ingredient
Chicken 500 g.
Coconut milk 500 g.
Dried chilli View ingredient detail 18 g.
Galangal View ingredient detail 6 g.
Lemon grass View ingredient detail 12 g.
Shallot View ingredient detail 25 g.
Garlic View ingredient detail 60 g.
Coriander root View ingredient detail 15 g.
Kaffir lime skin View ingredient detail 5 g.
Pepper View ingredient detail 6 g.
Palm sugar 60 g.
Shrimp paste 25 g.
Coriander seed 8 g.
Roasted peanut 20 g.
Cumin View ingredient detail 4 g.
Chilli View ingredient detail 100 g.
Kaffir lime leaves View ingredient detail 2 g.
Fish sauce 10 g.
Salt 10 g.
* 30 grams = 1oz. , 1kilogram = 2.24 lbs.

* Serve size 5 persons
Cooking Method
  • Cut up the chicken and take aside
  • Pound the chilli mixture with dried chilli, galangal, lemon grass, shallot, garlic, coriander root, pepper, kaffir lime skin thoroughly, add roasted peanut
  • Roast coriander seed and cumin and pound thoroughly
  • Heat the pan and pour an amount of coconut milk, add chilli paste and fry until fragrant and shine, add spices and chicken and fry until done, add coconut milk and simmer with low heat until rather dried
  • Season with fish sauce, palm sugar and sprinkle with sliced kaffir lime leaves and chilli
Nutrition Fact

Strong point of Phanaeng Kai
Adequate protein. Fat, calories and fibers from chilli paste.
Medicinal Benefits * : ..ѭ ط¾ѲҪվ Ф
  • Galangal : Carminative, expectorant
  • Lemon grass : Carminative
  • Shallot : Relief cold, catarrh
  • Garlic : Reduce cholesterol, cancer, infection, antifungal
  • Coriander root : Eject toxic, stomachic
  • Pepper : Peptic, carminative, cooling
  • Kaffir lime leaves : Protect and heal cancer
  • Cumin : Carminative, digestive
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