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papaya Thairestaurant
bahnhof str.29, DE

Siam Authentic Thai Restaurant
1946 Hamilton St. , Regina , SK,

An Interview Mr. Taveesaek Bhuttavong,
vice-president of the Blue Elephant.
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Phad Thai
Main Ingredient
Narrow rice noodles 400 g.
Water 400 g.
Phad Thai sauce 320 g.
Dried shrimp 60 g.
Chopped Salted white radish 40 g.
Yellow soybean curd 160 g.
Bean sprouts 400 g.
Chinese leek leaves 60 g.
Egg 4 ͧ
Vegetable oil 120 g.
Ground peanut 40 g.
Phad Thai sauce Ingredient
Shallot View ingredient detail 50 g.
Garlic View ingredient detail 25 g.
Palm sugar 125 g.
Sugar 10 g.
Fish sauce 50 g.
Tamarind juice View ingredient detail 25 g.
Vinegar 33 g.
Salt 1 g.
1 g.
Ground dried chilli View ingredient detail 1 g.
Oil 40 g.
* 30 grams = 1oz. , 1kilogram = 2.24 lbs.

* Serve size 4 persons
Cooking Method
Phad Thai sauce cooking
  • Pound shallots and garlic until ground and fry with oil until fragrant, add other mixture, simmer until sticky.
  • Fry noodles with water until soft
  • Add sauce and mix thoroughly
  • Add dried shrimp, Chopped Salted white radish and soybean curd
  • Add oil around the pan, break eggs and fry until done
  • Add bean sprouts, Chinese leek leaves and fry and serve warmly
Nutrition Fact

Strong point of Phad Thai
High calories, protein, fibers, calcium and phosphorus.
Medicinal Benefits * : ..ѭ ط¾ѲҪվ Ф
  • Chinese leek leaves : Laxative, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, protect cancer
  • Shallot : Relief cold, catarrh
  • Garlic : Reduce cholesterol, cancer, infection, antifungal
  • Tamarind juice : Expectorant, tonic, cooling, antiscorbutic
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